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At Chikara, we look at each student as an individual and cater to their needs and abilities. We specialise in teaching children and adults to be confident, positive, patient and to show respect wherever they go. Click here for timetable.


Our Pee Wee curriculum is specially designed to teach 4 – 6 year olds the important qualities of respect, confidence and self control. 
As well as teaching basic karate techniques, we use martial arts based games to challenge and inspire your child and develop their co-ordination, memory, fitness and teamwork skills.  

  Chikara Karate Classes Chikara Karate Classes Chikara Karate Classes


Karate is one of the best all round activities that parents can provide for their children. Through the excitement of our dynamic disciplined program, our juniors learn how to set and achieve goals. As each individual progresses, we provide many of the children the opportunity to take leadership roles.  Respect for others, focus, teamwork, fitness and fun is of paramount importance at Chikara.

Chikara Karate Classes Chikara Karate Classes   Chikara Karate Classes


Senior classes are not only designed to develop skills of defence but to increase your fitness levels. Our adult classes are very dynamic and we stick to the principle of the Shukokai style which means, “The Way For All.”  We maximise each individual; whether you are big, small, female, male, fast, slow, young or mature, we identify your strengths while working on your weaknesses to develop a version of you that is the best you can be.

Chikara Karate Classes